Sunday, April 11, 2010

An Interview With Cindy

Tonight, an exclusive interview with Cindy Harris...

Q: How is the progress going with you leg?
A: Well, right now there has been a delay in the action. The progress has stopped and we need to make some adjustments to the prothesis based on our visit to Moffitt last week.

Q: What are your feelings about this setback?
A: I am disappointed. It's really best in the long run that the prosthesis fits properly without pain.

Q: What have you been doing to keep your spirits up?
A: Eating ice cream.

Q: What do you see as your timetable for walking with a prosthesis?
A: It depends on if it's with a walker, with a cane or independently. With a walker, within a week. With a cane, within two weeks. Independently, when Kevin comes home for his mid-tour leave on June 27th.

Q: What are your feelings now about having to lose your leg?
A: Based on the degree of infection I had, I am happy with the outcome. At the same time I am frustrated that things have not moved along further. I am anxious to stop being a burden on people.

Q: How has work been going since you have been back?
A: Work is going well. My coworkers are extremely helpful and supportive. 

Q: What else would you like the readers to know?
A: What makes me happy is the joy that I find in each day.


  1. Ice cream, I hope it's sugar free :-) And you will never be a burden on people, we all love you too much!!! Give it time, soon you will be running past all of us.

    Take care :-)

  2. Love this blog! Maybe you could do a blog where we all send a question, Cindy answer it then you post them....hmmm....where will the blog go from here? The possibilities are endless...

    But... Cindy..You ROCK! Don't stress about a minor are doing great and have come a long way! I know you would like to see things move faster, we all would with some things in our lives...Hang in there!
    I know....easier said then done....but great things come to those who wait!

    Let's work together on this genealogy and work on planning that road trip!

    Love ya lots!!

  3. Wonderful interview, Rob! Thanks!
    Cindy, It's keeping that "big picture" perspective that helps me through tough times, too.
    ....although ice cream is the ultimate soother. :)
    What flavor(s)? Mint chocolate chip? Chunky Monkey? Phish Food?
    Yummmm.....Let's have a virtual ice cream social soon! (I'll bring the sprinkles...)
    Love you!

  4. Ice Cream??? just let me know your flavor of choice and we can have a party, we'll have a ice cream cone toast to everything you have accomplished, and all the thrills yet to come. Let me know the next Breakfast Club meeting, I'd love to attend.(how sad am I, it's all about the food LOL) xoxoxo