Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sunday Physical Therapy

Tonight was a brief PT session, but extremely productive. Below is the leg...which Cindy successfully attached prior to beginning her exercises.

As you can see below, she is now walking comfortably with one hand on the rail and one hand at her side. It may be hard to spot, but she is walking with the shoe removed from her atificial leg. Notice that the foot they use is shaped very much like a human foot. It even has toes and toe nails.

Some of you that live in the Orlando area may recall a story that was broadcast on the television stations and newspapers about a female high school soccer star who was participating in a car wash to raise money for her soccer team. One of her teammates accidently hit the accelerator of a car she was going to wash and pinned the young girl, Bree, between the car bump and a building. She almost lost her life, was in a coma and  regained consciousness days later. Unfortunately, the accident caused her to have one leg amputated and the other leg in jeopardy of suffering the same fate. She is still trying to save her other leg but is dealing with infections and pain, much as Cindy did prior to her amputation.

I asked the owner (Stan) if she was a patient of his. His response was that she is not only a patient, but she is wheeling into the room as we incredible coincidence!

Not only was her story carried throughout the U.S. because of the tragedy that befell her, it was also a human interest story because of her spirit and willpower to overcome the tremendous odds against her survival and her proclamation that she plans to dance at her prom.

After we were introduced to Bree, she watched Cindy walk. Within a minute she was conversing with Stan and Cindy's therapist, Roger about Cindy's movements. They agreed with what she observed. Seconds later, she was coaching Cindy on some extremely minute changes she might consider in her gate to walk more efficiently.

She is everything we heard and read about and it was a pleasure to meet her.

Cindy was given Monday off to rest her leg and to allow some adjustments to be made.

The belief is that she will definintely be taking the leg home with her before the week is out.

Tomorrow is Cindy's first day back to work so she is extremely excited to be assimilating back to a normal lifestyle. It's incredible how far she has come in such a short period of time.

I hope (plan) to report more good news as Cindy's big week begins.


  1. Go Cindy! :-) You look great! I can't believe that it's already time to go back to work. Wow.

    So cool that you guys got to meet that young lady...I think I remember hearing that story on the news. She sounds like an incredible spirit.

    Love to you both...


  2. Back to work so soon!! Good news for you...back to some normalcy in your house. Woohoo! Moving right along....

    Keep up the great work!

    Love and hugs!!

  3. I'm glad you are able to go back to work, but now we can't lunch or shop anymore :( Guess we will have to pick a weekend to go. You look great!!!

    Love ya,

  4. Rob, the first picture in this post is nothing short of award-winning. It looks like something that would be used for the lead photo on a serial feature about Cindy's amazing journey and attitude. Well done!