Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunday PT

Cindy is getting more and more comfortable with the prosthesis. Today she did four laps around the inside of facility...and with much less effort than during her previous "road trip".

We are only now beginning to learn how lucky we are that this facility is in Orlando. People fly from all over the world to receive treatment here. Tonight we met a couple that lives only a couple of miles from where we lived in Maryland years ago. They are down here for a week to work with Stan and his team. Others are here from California, South America, etc. For us, it's a 12 mile drive!

Today's new goal after Kevin called this afternoon from Afghanistan...Kevin is going to sign us all up for the Disney 5K walk, which takes place the day before the marathon. Just as Kevin and I will be training for the marathon, Cindy will be training for the 5K. Katie and her mom will be joining us...we haven't approched her dad yet, but we will.

If anyone wants to join us in either event, please let us know. It would be great fun to have everyone participate together! If you are interested, we need to sign up soon as they usually sell out quickly.

Email me at if you would like to register or discuss it.

Have a great week! I will blog again during the week.

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