Saturday, March 20, 2010

Weekend Update

Physical therapy went extremely well yesterday morning. I was amazed to see Cindy walk around the building twice using only a cane for balance! We have another session Sunday evening. The camera shall be coming with us.

Our insurance company finally approved the purchase of Cindy's permanent leg, so hopefully it will be ordered soon. Though it will be very costly to us, it is still less than we thought it would be. It is similar to buying a Porsche, but paying for a Cadillac. We can't wait for her to get it. State of the art stuff. The computer chips is supposed to be incredibly sophisiticated.

Today we are off to walk around beautiful downtown Orlando's Lake Eola. The weather today is warm and sunny, so we are going to take full advantage of it!

Tonight is my first training run in preparation for the Jan 6, 2011 Disney Marathon...another crazy idea our oldest son, Kevin signed us up to do when he returns from Afghanistan.

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  1. I can't thank you enough for the consistent posts and keeping everybody updated. It is wonderfully refreshing to stop by after a long week and read such wonderful entries.
    Cindy, I hope your first week back to work went well! I am sure you are exhausted!
    And GO ROB as you train for the Disney Marathon! Woohoo!!!!!