Sunday, July 25, 2010

Blog on Vacation

Wonderful news to report once again. As such, I think it's time to return the blog to the storage shed for the time being and hopefully forever.

If the blog is rekindled, perish the thought, Cindy and I will inform everyone via Facebook and personal contacts.

The administrators of this blog, my fantastic brother and sister-in-law, Rus and Amy Van Westervwelt have been suggesting for quite some time that I should consider sharing our experiences and life lessons over the past several years related to battling cancer and our fight for Cindy's survival.

After a great deal of deliberation, I have agreed to both consider the idea and, finally, commit to the off we go. The mission will be to provide a positive perspective to those about to undertake this unfortunate journey.

Thank you to all of you for everything you have done...which includes your love, friendship, compassion, support, gifts, comments and questions. I hope the blog provided you, in turn, with much of the same. In truth, it helped me more than you could know as it allowed me to communicate our trials and tribulations in a way that I did not feel as if I was a burden to anyone.

I will be checking the blog on occasion in case anyone has questions, comments or suggestions (regarding Cindy, myself or the upcoming book). We relish all feedback and wish to stay in touch.

With that said...adios for now.

Rob & Cindy...actually, more appropriately, Cindy Lou and Rob

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