Friday, July 16, 2010

Visit To Moffitt

Kyle took Cindy to Moffitt yesterday (I am running out of days off...). Great news! They removed the staples and everything is healing according to plan. No sign of the infection, but Cindy is still taking daily IV antibiotics so it is a bit too soon to ge overly excited.

The pain in Little Lu (amputated leg) and hip (from the surgical procedure) are subsiding.

Having Kyle home has been a blessing. He built four wheelchair ramps for Cindy so she can be more mobile around the house.

Cindy is not ready to begin working with the prosthesis again, but she is beginning the early stages of preparing to do so as she was advised to start wearing her shrinker again. A shrinker is a devise she wears on her amputated leg to shrink it a bit so the leg will fit comfortably into a prosthesis when she begins to wear it again.

That's it for now. Sorry for the delay in the updates, but things have been crazy these past couple of weeks with all of he visitors we have had.

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  1. So glad to hear all is going well. We think of you & Cindy daily and wish we were there.

    Love you both!