Thursday, July 1, 2010

Thursday Update

Cindy is doing better every day. She is taking her pain meds to stay ahead of the leg pain. The only down side is that they make her a bit loopy and causes her to have insomnia most nights.

She is taking a new version of the IV antibiotic that is much easier to use. It's terrific!

Tomorrow we go to the beach for a few days with Kevin, Katie and her parents. It will definitely be challenging for Cindy as we will be on the 2nd floor of a walk-up so we will be doing some carrying to get her up and down the steps.

Because the rooms do not come with wifi access, I will not be able to provide progress reports until we return. However, there will be lots of pictures to share (I hope).

Cindy's mental state has been fantastic. Now that Kevin is home on leave, every day has something exciting planned. Additionally, Cindy has been enjoying her new "grand-dog" Paisley. We have never met a dog that melts us the way she does. Other than the rediculous ribbons in her hair, she is a very cute dog.

We will check back in after the 4th. Have a fantastic holiday weekend!


  1. Ahhh her bows are cute, of course that comes from someone who's dog wears a bow in her hair :-) She is a cutie!!! I'm so glad Cindy is doing ok. I know having Kevin home makes her very happy and she will be even better when Kyle gets here!!! Have a great time at the beach, get some rest, you deserve it!!


  2. Great news, thank you all. It was wonderful to talk with Cindy yesterday, I know I'm a man and all that stuff but listening to Kevin talk and hearing the emotionally packed day's events I cried. That's ok says my therapist men can do that. So, onto that dog, I WANT HER!!! God Bless the Harris family. Charlene said look at that beautiful face, I thought she was talking 'bout me, alas it Paisley. She is adorable. Enjoy

  3. Have a wonderful beachie sun burns :)
    I also want this dog, what a cutie, the bow is perfect!! Looking forward to the pictures. xoxoxo