Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Healing Process...Cindy and our Garage Door

Our garage door was replaced today. You don't realize how much you miss it until you don't have use of it. Last Friday we had a driving rainstorm and low temperatures. Wheeling Cindy out the front door and around the house to get to the driveway in her wheelchair was one of the coldest, wettest, more unpleasant events we experienced in a while. I don't think we will ever take our garage for granted again :-)

We both feel really bad...not because the door was damaged and needed to be replaced; but because a wonderful person with a heart of gold came to visit and offer some friendship and happiness to Cindy - and instead left feeling upset. To that person who shall remain nameless...we loved that you cared enough to come by and hope you will do so again - SOON!

Further updates...Cindy is now driving a bit. That is a huge step (sorry for the "step" pun) in her road to recovery. It is still challenging to walk with her "uni-leg", but she is managing to balance much more steadily each day.

The severe pain she has been having from the phantom pains has not been as intense lately. We can't even begin to tell you how wonderful that is.

Cindy has two more weeks of IV antibiotics. We can't wait until she concludes that process as it takes on average two hours each night to infuse. At least she has been enjoying the Olympics while she "drips".

This Sunday, Cindy's oldest brother, Warren, is flying down to stay with us for a week while I am away for a few days. We can't even begin to express how much that means to us. While Cindy is becoming more mobile, we are still not sure she is ready to solo overnight yet.

Everyone...please continue to stay in touch with Cindy and for those who wish to, please keep visiting! It thrills me to see how happy she is when friends visit with her.

That's it for now. More soon!


  1. DRIVING!!!????? Holy Cow! You go girl!!!

    Love ya!

  2. Cindy and Rob...So wonderful to continue to hear great news from both of you. Thrilled that you are driving already (wondering if the Jeep is tough to get into as it sits a bit higher...).
    The snow is finally beginning to melt all around us. I shoveled the rest of our sidewalk this morning, and I'm even contemplating a "snow-removal event" in front of our house to give us another place to park...
    Love to all of you... :)

    P.S.: Your garage door needs more cowbell... :)