Friday, February 26, 2010

Major Progress

In a previous blog, I indicated Cindy is now driving a vehicle. Beyond is proof:

Today was a big day. It was Cindy's first visit to the physical therapists. They will also be fitting Cindy with her prosthesis.

When meeting with the owner and some of the therapists, they indicated that Cindy is healing at a rate that they have only seen in one other patient thus far. If all continues according to plan, she will be in a prosthesis in as early as two weeks from now.

They fitted Cindy with a silicon liner, which will prepare her for the sizing and fitting of a socket. Once she has completed this task, she will be fitted for a plaster cast, which will be used to make a foam cast, followed by a final cast that will fit into the prosthesis. Below is Cindy just after she was fitted for her first liner. As her leg shrinks, which it still needs to do for the proper fitting of the prosthesis, so will the size of her liner.

To see the picture below as it is supposed to be viewed, lie on your right side and look at the picture with your head on the ground. (Sorry, but I was unable to turn the picture so this is the best I could do) :-)

As for the posthesis, they will give Cindy a "training wheels" version, which will provide additional balance but not as much mobility as the permanent prosthesis. Karen, who we met on our previous visit has the same prosthesis that Cindy will eventualy receive. You can barely see that she has a limp, and when she is wearing long pants, it is impossible to know she has an artificial leg.

This week, Cindy's brother Warren stayed with us while I was away. Since you have been hearing about him, the picture below allows you to see him. Warren was a huge help to us this week. He returns to the balmy, tropical Baltimore weather tomorrow...and his younger brother, Jim, arrives for a brief visit. Amazing that we have both here on the same day and they will not get to see each other. The great news is that Cindy and I will get to see both!

Next parents return for a four day visit...and our cousins Jeff & Karin stop by as well.
Busy times ahead! It is so gratifying that so many people wish to see Cindy.

By the way...we picked more ruby red grapefruits from our tree than we can possibly use. If you would like some free delicious grapefruits, please let us know and we will save some for you!


  1. it is so wonderful that everything is going so well.. You keep it going Cindy!!!!

  2. Cindy looks so good!!! Sounds like she had a busy day. Save me some grapefruit :-) Have fun with all your company and let me know when we can get together again.


  3. Cindy continues to amaze me with how easy she seems to be recovering. Wishing continued progress and FLORIDA weather!


  4. Woohooo!! Movin' right along!!

    Love and hugs!