Thursday, February 4, 2010

Phantom Pains

The leg is gone but the brain does not realize this. Cindy's missing leg hurts, itches and feels like it is still there.

It's remarkable that something that is not there is acting like it still is.

Here are the medical stats: 70% of amputees experience phantom pains in year 1. In year 2, 40% still do.

We are hoping Cindy will be among the 60% who do not.


  1. The phantom pain phenomenon is freaky. I really hope that she is among those that don't deal with it long-term. Ugh!

    Hope you all are doing well. We are expecting up to 28 inches of snow. You want me to send you some? ;)

  2. I loved your Facebook post with the picture of the empty grocery store shelves. Pretty cool!

    Are you getting tired of the snowstorms, yet?

    I don't EVER recall getting that much snow in all the years we lived in MD.

    Stay warm!