Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My Wife Is Going To Kill Me!!!

Because I'm away, there is not much to report blog-wise. Cindy and I spoke this evening and she had another great day.

Unfortunately, I tend to get a bit homesick when I am away for more than one night. When that happens, I sometimes look at family pictures on my laptop. Yes, it's waxing nostolgic and it is a bit "sappy", but "it is what it is". tonight I was looking through some oldies but goodies and thought I would share a few with you. Some of you have known us this long, but for those who have not, below is the essence of Cindy and why I am so mesmerized by her, even after 29 yrs of marriage.

(Note: Cindy will likely kill me for this...but it's worth it!!!)

So here goes the picture show...

I'd marry her all over again!

Why we are not invited back to parties...

I believe this is why Kevin joined the Army.

and lastly...Paula Deen and her husband meets a celebrity in pink!

I'll be back home tomorrow night. If I survive my wife's wrath, I will blog again soon :-)


  1. I love the pictures, always fun to look back and see how far you have come. Good luck when you get home Rob :-)


  2. Ha! May the force be with you, Rob. Cindy...go easy on him. LOL. ;-)

  3. Thanks, Rob....Do you know how many years of therapy I went through to forget that wallpaper in cindy's wedding day picture? Doc! Where are ya? I need to see ya!!!

  4. Love the pictures - the wallpaper in the wedding photo is fabulous!!! You can definately tell when you got married.

    Hugs, Mabel