Saturday, February 6, 2010

Weekend Update

The leg has been causing Cindy a great deal of pain lately. Last night (Friday) was especially trying. Today was a better day. The pain was still there, but it wasn't as ferocious as yesterday.

On Monday, Cindy will be going to see the surgeons to learn how the leg is healing.

The good news is she will not have to try to maneuver through 30+ inches of snow to do so. (We feel for our friends and family in the Balt/DC area)!

I'll provide an update Monday evening.

Happy Sunday!


  1. Amy was filling me in on phantom pain, what that means, and why it happens. It almost seems like some kind of cruel irony that, after all you've been through, the leg can still cause you so much pain--even after it is gone.

    Constant prayers for you both. We wish you were with us tonight as we settle in after a long day out in the snow and driving around in the Jeep. I just feel like eating Fritos and playing cards all night long with you!!! <3 you both...

  2. Hopefully you will be oneof the lucky ones CIndy who will get past this quickly... I hopw you feel better .

  3. I have heard that phantom pain sucks! I do hope you will be lucky and not have it at all, or at least not very often at all.

    Hoping for good news today(Monday) from the dr. on the healing progress.

    As always, keeping you in my thoughts and prayers up here as we continue to dig out and wait for the second round of up to another foot of snow to fall tomorrow night! Oy!

    Love, hugs and kisses from us all!