Monday, February 8, 2010


Cindy saw her surgeon today and the healing process is going extremely well (which has never been the case for us due to the constant infections she has endured).

Everything looks great, with just a little redness around one of the stitches. This is incredibly positive news.

Cindy has a magnificent attitude which is helping with her healing process. She continues to look forward to being more mobile and returning to work as soon as she is able.

The phantom pains continue to cause her extreme discomfort. It is similar to being prodded with an electrical current at regular and unexpected intervals. We can only hope that this diminishes soon, though there are no guarantees that it will. The good news is that since her really bad episode last Friday, she felt a bit better on Saturday and Sunday. It could be because her daughter-in-law and I are totally revamping her wardrobe; donating to charity most of what she owns  and buying her all new clothes to represent her new life as a mobile, non-wheelchair restricted person!

We are also planning our annual summer vacation to Palm Island...which I promised her we would do as a post-surgery present. She can't wait to be walking on the beach again with her new prosthesis! I can't wait to tell everyone that a shark bit off her leg! :-)

That's it for now.

Take care!


  1. Glad you had a good report :-) Does this mean we can go to Kohl's???? I have a 20% off coupon :-)


  2. This report does not surprise me!!! Woohooo!

    More shopping? How lucky are you?! Rob, I do hope you have lots of OT put in to pay for this wardrobe overhaul! LOL!

    You go girl, and whoop it up! Can't wait to see those photos of you and Rob walking off into the sunset on the beach!

    Love and kisses

    We love you!

  3. The news from the Dr. is wonderful!!

    Hummm..., as for the "shark bite" story, would anyone that knows Cindy believe she would let that happen?? I pity that poor shark LOL. A stroll on the beach sounds like a great plan, can't wait to see the pictures.