Monday, June 21, 2010

Hello! Testing! Testing! Is This Thing On???

It's been awhile since I posted the last blog. The reason is that all was kind of going okay...but not really.

The infection remained and continued to grow. At this point, most of Cindy's nights are filled with pain, pain meds and insomnia. For that reason, we cannot wait until Wednesday.

The surgery was scheduled for 12:15 pm, but we have been told it has been moved to 3:45. We will receive confirmation tomorrow as there seems to be some confusion as to when it will be.

It should last between 1-2 hrs. The goal will be to remove any foreign bodies that remain in the amputated leg and insert antibiotic beads into the infected bone. We should be in the hospital until Friday or Saturday, but with us, nothing is a sure thing.

I will blog the day of surgery and as soon as it is completed to update everyone on how Cindy is doing.

I will answer any questions you may have (to the best of my ability).

I'll be back then!



  1. Thanks, Rob, for reviving the blog. Love to you and Cindy. Let us know if we can help revise/refine th blog in any way....

  2. We'll be thinking of you guys. I hope that this is the last bump in the road that Cindy will have and that from here on forward, it will be smooth sailing. :) We love you!

  3. We continue to send long distant prayers and hugs. Thanks for the update.