Sunday, June 27, 2010

Home Sweet Home!

We woke up in our own bed! What an amazing feeling to get a good night's sleep.

Cindy is still having pain in her leg (which is to be expected) and her throat, (which is NOT to be expected). Her spirits are great and she is more alert than she has been in four days (it was getting old watching her sleep all day). We will be visited by Mark, her home healthcare nurse this afternoon who will administer her IV antibiotics, and the Privara family (daughter-in-law Katie and our extended family: her mom & dad), who did an amazing job decorating the house with welcome home signs and flowers. We truly appreciated it!

Today we are beginning to plan...for Kevin's return, for our mini-vacation which begins on Friday, followed by my parents visiting, Kyle coming home and my brother and god-son coming down to see the boys and their brides (present and future). It is such a great feeling to have pleasant things to look forward to for a change.

Cindy's eneregy level is weak and any movement hurts her leg, but otherwise, she is doing better today.

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  1. boy do I wish i could be there with you all!