Saturday, June 26, 2010

We're Home!

Home never felt so good! Yes, we are here.

Arrived to a nice surprise. Our daughter-in-law, Katie and her mom had signs up in the house welcoming Cindy home, and we noticed the house had been vacuumed, as well! I can't tell you how wonderful that was!

Cindy is on less potent pain meds so, as yoou imagine, she is experiencing more pain than she had in the hospital. Her BP (not the dreaded oil company, but her blood pressure) came down a bit again, but she is not feeling any of the symptoms that accompany it being low so we are not terribly concerned.

The PICC line is apparently not working as hoped, but we are keeping our fingers crossed that it won't prevent Cindy from receiving the IV antibiotics that begin at home tomorrow.

The best thing about being home? We will get a good night's sleep for the first time since Wednesday. Sleeping on a cot with nurses and techs coming in every two hours makes for many a long night.

Tomorrow we will reassess and see how Cindy will be doing on her first day home.

Thanks to everyone for you kindness, love and concern...and to all those who lent a hand to make our "adventure" more tolerable...a special thank you.

More to come tomorrow...

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  1. YEAH!!!! Glad your home, wish I could take away the pain.Love to all, Jim