Monday, June 28, 2010


Cindy was able to go to the airport to meet Kevin at the gate. It was very emotional reunion. Cindy made friends with the women at the Delta gate and as such, special privileges were provided to us. Katie, her mom and I watched Cindy do her thing...

One of the women working the gate informed the pilot that Kevin was on board and we were waiting. He announced that Kevin is a special guest and he deplaned first. The Delta employee went down to escort Kevin to us. I will try to post pictures in a future blog.

Needless to say, it took it's toll on Cindy. She is wiped out, in some additional pain and, unfortunately, is beginning to run a low grade fever. We are praying that it is from the excessive activity and not a sign that the infection is kicking in again already.

I will provide an update later today, though my son and I have some catching up to do...which may included an adult beverage or two :-)

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  1. WELCOME HOME, KEVIN!!!!! What a wonderful reunion...Can't wait to see the pictures. Love to all of you!