Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wed. 3:45 pm: Good News!

I just met with the surgeon and our friend Christine, who was in the operating room with Cindy. Both said the surgery could not have gone better. The other surgeons are in the process of finishing it up so she is about 20 minutes from going to the recovery room.

Big sigh of relief! She got through the surgery and her blood pressure was normal throughout.

The foreign body (cement that had held the titanium leg in place) was removed. It was much bigger than they thought and more difficult to remove than anticipated. To do so, they made a 2nd incision. They also inserted new state-of-the art antibiotic beads into the leg that will dissolve after a month. Along with 6 weeks of IV antibiotics, they believe this should destroy the remaining infection.

The healing process will take a bit longer this time as her bone is very brittle and weak. Therefore, Cindy will not be on the prosthesis for several more weeks.

That said, she will begin physical therapy first thing tomorrow morning, believe it or not.

I will provide another update once Cindy is situated in her room, which will likely be later tonight...providing they have a room for us. If not, it could be ICU for Cindy this evening, but we are hoping that they will not be overbooked like the last time.


  1. Thanks Rob, great news hope your doing well also. We will continue keep all in our prayers. Love to all from the land of hazy, hot and humid. Charlene & Jim

  2. That's great news, Rob. I'm sure she will be happy to hear it from you when she gets out of recovery. Tell her we love her and will continue to send happy, positive thoughts!

  3. that's great news. My love to you both!