Thursday, June 24, 2010

Late Night Update

Sorry for the delay but we had a few stumbling blocks along the way...mostly involving pain and pain meds (or lack thereof).

Cindy spent a great deal of time in recovery as it took a bit longer than normal for her vital signs to return to a level that allowed her to be released to her room. This is not unusual for Cindy following surgery so although it was a bit disconcerting, it is nothing like what we have experienced in the past. Some will remember her flat-lining, blood pressure dropping, nights in the ICU, etc. Fortunately, none of that has occurred this time.

It is now midnight and Cindy is finally sleeping soundly. The pain was intense, not just in the leg area, but in the throat. It appears the tube they put down her windpipe during surgery caused a great deal of discomfort afterwards. And, as in the past, the anesthesia seems to have a negative impact on Cindy.

So that is it for tonight. Today was a very long and trying day. Hopefully, tomorrow begins the healing process and each day will be a bit better than the last.

Namaste! (Sorry, I couldn't resist my favorite salutation from LOST).


  1. Thanks for the late update, now try and get some sleep. Give Cindy a big hug when she wakes in the AM, and please let her know that I am thinking of her all the time.xoxo

  2. Namaste, Rob :)
    I hope both of you have had a quiet, restful evening. The throat pain seems so cruel and unexpected, as if she has not had enough experience with pain with her leg. Is that something that will clear up today and no longer be an issue?

  3. The Mitzel'sJune 24, 2010 at 7:52 AM

    Sorry to hear of the stumbling blocks...but so glad to hear Cindy is finally resting! Be sure and get some rest for yourself too Rob! You need to take care of yourself. Here's hoping for a better day today. Onward and Upward!

    Love and Hugs!