Sunday, January 24, 2010


If there was ever a very special Jan 25th, Cindy's birthday, this is it! Three years ago, Cindy set a goal to make it to one more holiday season. She has made it to three more...and is now celebrating another birthday! We know we will have many more to look forward to.

Willpower is an amazing thing.  Cindy is living proof that the power of positive thinking can impact the future. It certainly has for her.

Tomorrow's birthday celebration will be every day on earth for us is special.

If you are reading this blog, please take a moment to leave a comment and wish Cindy a very happy birthday. I know it will make her day even more special!


  1. HAPPPPPPPPPPY BIRTHDAY, CINDY!!! Little brother misses you greatly...
    Like everyone else, though, I am inspired by your courage and determination to embrace each day fully.
    I LOVE YOU. Have a wonderful birthday....I AM ALWAYS WITH YOU!!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  2. Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Cindy Lou Who, Happy Birthday to yoUUUUUU! Bet you're glad you didn't have to hear me sing that LOL.
    Have an extra special day, one year older, and one year wiser...we won't mention all of the other "old" things.

  3. Happy Birthday, Cindy Lou Who! We love you and hope you have the BEST birthday EVER!!!!

  4. Happy Birthday to YOU
    Happy birthday to YOU
    Happy Birthday DEAR CINDY
    Happy Birthday to YOU!!!

    ...and Many More!!!

    You are a very special lady and an inspiration to everyone who has the privilege to know you.

    You are the best!


  5. Hey Cindy,

    We sure do miss you around here. Especially since we could have used an excuse to have cake today. I hope you are having a restful birthday and catching up on your Oprah!