Monday, January 25, 2010


As you can see below, Cindy was MORE than ready to come home yesterday.

She was dressed and ready to go about four hours prior to our being released!

We were greeted last night by a beautifully decorated house. Katie (our daughter-in-law) and her mom, Scarlett snuck in befor our arrival and decorated each room with signs, ribbons, balloons and flower arrangements. Cindy was really moved by all they did. You know...the tears thing again :-)

Our friend Mabel arrived soon afterward with a great meal and some fun company. See below. In the picture, left to right are Katie, Scarlett and Mabel.  I'm not sure who the person in front of them is, but we called security and had her removed.

Afterwards, Cindy relaxed for a bit before she began her in-home infusion which will take place for the next six weeks. She will have to complete a regimen of IV antibiotics so that any remaining bacteria is removed from the residual limb (a.k.a. "Little Lu").

Cindy will infuse twice a day. It takes about 90 minutes to complete the process each time.

What has been remarkable is how well Cindy is maneuvering throughout the house on the walker. We anticipated much more difficulty with the logistical part of her activities here, but thus far, things have been rather smooth. She does tire easily using the walker and her upper body is still adjusting to being called upon for all mobility activities.

So today is her birthday! It started early with our friend, Carole bringing Cindy birthday breakfast. It was some of the best French toast we ever ate! It was so good I would not put syrup on it for fear it would mask the flavor.

Cindy's spirits and state of mind are beyond encouraging. She continues to be thrilled that the surgery was done and excited to be starting a more mobile lifestyle.

Yes, she still has some very painful episodes, but she is handling them very well.

Please know that Cindy is reading all comments that are left on this blog site, so please keep them coming. It really makes her happy to hear from everyone!

That's it for now...more to come later.


  1. Great pictures, great words, great inspiration...
    Funny how, on a day when you should be getting all the gifts, Cindy, you're the one who continues to give us so much inspiration and belief in embracing what is possible in our lives, no matter what challenges we may face.

    We have so many great birthday memories, don't we? I'll never forget your sweet sixteen birthday party. Was it mom who tied 16 sugar cubes in pink ribbons to the chandelier (ha! I make that old lamp sound so glorious, don't I?) over your birthday cake in the dining room...Seemed like only yesterday!

    I'll be in touch later today. I love you, and I keep you with me every moment of my day. :)

  2. Cindy, you look AWESOME! Welcome home!!!!!

  3. Cindy,

    You look wonderful and your smile lights up everything around you. Welcome home.

    Love you,

  4. Loove the pictures, you wrook marvolous. Happy Birthday to you. many candles on your cake? Lets see, you were born in 19@#$!#% I remember that year cause I was 11 and Mom loved you more. Now I know why 1) your prettier, 2) you were the only daughter 3)I was a bad boy, and the answer is (Rob knows this)NUMBER 1 Your prettier than me. Happy birthday to the prettiest sister in the world.
    Love you, Jim

  5. You look wonderful! Of course you always do! But especially today, on your birthday! The pictures are great, and we are soooooo glad you are home. Hope you had the best birthday ever! Can't wait to find out where your vacation Rob is taking you on will be....

    Did we tell you today we love you?...We love you!!