Friday, January 29, 2010


Cindy took her first road trip this afternoon. She visited with many of her friends and former co-workers at MetroWest Elementary School where she worked for many, many years. The school was her previous employer before she joined the American Cancer Society.

As you can see, she is doing great! It was extremely rewarding to see how happy she was and how radiant she looked. There is an amazing difference in her since she has had the surgery. 

During the visit, Kevin called from Afghanistan to see how Cindy is doing. It seemed strange to be speaking with him in the location where he went to elementary school when he was a child...and now he is an officer in the military. Very surreal...

The trip was exhausting for Cindy, but well worthwhile.

Tomorrow morning is our next road trip. We are going to our favorite restaurant...First Watch in Winter Garden Village. The staff there is great and the food is even better.

So far this is a great start to the weekend!


  1. Such a great picture and story. Kevin's call is very surreal indeed...
    I meant to tell you this the other day. Earlier in the week, I was having a rather stressful day at school, with mid-terms, grades, and posting our new 2010-2011 publication teams. After the whirlwind came to a close at the end of the school day, I stood in my classroom, alone. In the busy movement of everyone leaving, somebody slipped a pink piece of paper in my hand without me even realizing it.
    I looked down at the piece of paper, and there were 34 comments of love and support from my students, sending their prayers and wishes to you, Cindy, and to the rest of us.
    The power of love and kindness stirs all around us, and even though they don't know you personally, they heard your stories of strength and courage and responded.
    The support runs deep and from long distances. May you both continue to feel the love and kindness that hundreds of people--so many of them unknown to us--send out to you. Love you both! <3

  2. Yay for your first road trip! I keep saying it, but you look amazing! We love you!

  3. Great to see up and stepping out. I think I visited that school with a few years back, real nice people.

  4. Road Trip !!
    So many faces from the past....I still have the picture of you, Kathryn, Cheryl, Pat, Brenda,Me and the "Crows" on my Refrig, great memories.

    You look wonderful, I can't wait to see you on Monday. Have fun this weekend, enjoy breakfast :)

  5. Oh my goodness...what a wonderful day. I know where to go when my happy meter is running a bit low. I hope you all know that you are a big part of how I have survived and thrived on this journey. Please know that your are always in my thoughts.

    Love to all,
    Cindy Lou Who

  6. Cindy & Rob!
    It was so great to see you both yesterday! I was quite inpressed with the tricks that 'little lou' can do already! She is quite the little talent! Looking forward to seeing you again.

  7. So great to see you so mobile already!! Although this doesn't surprise me from you! You look absolutely wonderful, so happy and glowing. Know that we are all thinking of you often everyday up here and trying to find a way to come visit sometime!

    We love you!!