Thursday, January 21, 2010


Two pieces of good news...Cindy was moved to a room at 3 a.m. this morning...and she took her first steps!

Our friend, who manages the physical therapy dept, came in and worked with her. She said that Cindy's mobility with her leg (which we saw for the first time) is incredible. Cindy was determined to walk down the hall and did a great job. I took pictures, which I will try to post soon.

We are on the same floor that we spent many of our overnight visits during chemo, so we are with nurses that we know from past visits. Our day nurse is one who we know well.

The exercise knocked her out and she is fast asleep.

Infectious desease visited and indicated that the infection is still in the femur and they will prescribe 6-8 weeks of IV antibiotics, which we have been through before so it is not a big deal to us. If the antibiotics don't rid her of the infection, more surgery may be required, but that is down the road and we are going to think positively that we will not face that issue.

Cindy is in great spirits and is making incredible progress.

I'll update later in the day with more news.


  1. Wow, the fact that Cindy is up and walking is amazing. Sending you both my love, and to you Miss Cindy Lou Who, "YOU GO GIRL"

  2. Yeahhhh, Cindy Lou! That is AWESOME! MORE COWBELL!!!!

  3. THRILLED to read your words, Rob....such great news!!!! When Cindy wakes, tell her we love her and we can't wait to see those pictures. GO TEAM HARRIS!!! :)

  4. Wow walking already!!!! Glad to hear the good news and glad to hear you decided on a hotel last night. You two take care and get all the rest you can while at the hospital. You'll be home and back to normal before you know it. Love and Hugs, Fred and Jeannie

  5. Wow! Walking already! Cindy you are an amazing woman. I admire you and am glad that I have the priveldge to know you. I'll see you on Sunday.

    Rob - take care of yourself while you are also taking care of Cindy.

    Hugs and best wishes!


  6. Great news! We all knew Cindy is a strong lady and she is going to prove it to us over and over! Keep it up Girl! Journey loves having Bosco here but Bosco keeps asking about his MOM and he is waiting to snuggle with you again Rob!

    Love you guys! Judi

  7. Way to go Cindy!! You are truly amazing. I so admire your drive and determination. Keep up the good work! Can't wait to see you when you come home. We miss seeing your smiling face! Each day that passes is another day closer to SHOPPING!!!

    Scarlett & Katie