Saturday, January 23, 2010


The pictures below were taken during and just after Cindy's morning round of physical therapy. The nurse to her left is Joan, one of our favorite people in the whole world. This was the first time we had seen her in several months! When we almost lost Cindy a few years ago here at Moffitt, Joan was with me the entire time and made sure I was doing okay throughout the ordeal. We will always be grateful to her for that!

You can see by Cindy's smile that she is doing well. She had just completed her physical therapy session when I snapped this picture. The fact that she is smiling and sitting in a chair rather than being in serious pain and getting back in bed indicates how well she is doing. However, the picture also shows how exhausted the physical therapy session was for her.

The pain levels have been reduced significantly. They reduced her meds and we will be definintely going home tomorrow. Cindy is moving more quickly and confidently on the walker. Her spirits are insanely positive. She just said to me how excited she is to start her new life and reminded me I owe her a vacation to our favorite beach resort as soon as she is physically able to enjoy it.

The head of the Infectious Diseases Dept. surprised us with a visit this afternoon. We did not expect to see him. He wanted us to know he reviewed Cindy's case and determined that the remaining infection is a bacteria that he is confident the IV antibiotics will kill.

They ordered home nursing care for us (Cindy already spoke to our favorite nurse who ensured he will be the one to administer to her), physical therapy and some therapy equipment that we will need and do not have.
Today is a much better day and we are now excited to be getting home tomorrow!


  1. GO CINDY! We are all so proud of you! Your attitude is inspiration to all of us. We love you so much!!!

  2. Good news in all ways, Cindy and Rob. Your attitudes and inspiration are truly contagious--the best of all things to catch!
    And Rob--The blog posts with the integrated pictures are fantastic! Thanks for taking the time to keep all of us in the loop.
    We love you, we miss you, and we are so grateful that you will be going home tomorrow. <3

  3. Cindy you look tired but wonderful...glad the pain has reduced!

    Yeah,,, I bet you are both so happy to go home and spend Cindy's birthday in your own house.

    Both of you are so amazing... but then, I tell you that all the time.
    Love you and miss you and so happy that things are moving along so well!

  4. Cindy & Rob,
    Thanks again for the blog esp. the pics. When your so far away words are great but pictures are priceless! Cindy you look wonderful and what a surprise that you will be home for your B'day. I'm so glad for yo both. Much love from Balmer. Miss you....

    Charlene & Brother Jim

  5. Thanks so much for keeping this blog, its so wonderful to read and keep up with Cindy and whats going on. We already miss her contagious happieness at work. Cindy, you look wonderful! Your strength and bravery is so admirable. You're both an inspiration to me. I am looking forward to continue reading and I hope that you have a wonderful birthday on Monday.

    <3 Jenna