Thursday, January 21, 2010


They took Cindy off IV pain meds early this evening. Yes, she experienced severe pain, but it did not slow her down. Without nurse assistance, she got out of bed, stood up with my help for balance only, and sat down. After that, she got back up, and returned to bed with minimal assistance. While the pain level was about a "10", she would not quit until she achieved her goal. I found this to be amazing.

While the IV meds kept her knocked out most of the day, she became more alert during the evening.

Cindy tried to read some of the comments made on the blog site, but she is having difficulties keeping her eyes open. I'm sure she will be more alert tomorrow and will be able to read them tomorrow.

Until then...another update tomorrow.


  1. Cindy, you are such an inspiration! Keep up the great work!!!

  2. The world's best attitude award goes to....

  3. Keep it going Cindy.. your amazing.. Every day it will get better..but you know that.
    Ilove you two are both inspirational!

  4. Hey Guys, I'm glad that you are doing ok. Again surpassing the odds and showing the world what a trooper Mr. H married. Speaking of trooper, I talked to Kev yesterday and the day before and he seemed optimistic as well. Just like the first round of leg surgery, he tells himself it’s not a big deal, he just says “yeah it’s my mom, she will be fine, she’s always fine”. He has so much faith in you guys as do I. Hope to see you both soon, and seeing that you are already walking, I’m expecting that we can go for a run together in a few weeks…don’t let me down (at minimum a brisk jog)!
    Much love, Travis & Katie

  5. Cindy and Rob, you both have such a positive attitude, it is remarkable!! I hope you are able to make it home Sunday. Take care and keep up the good work.