Tuesday, January 26, 2010


After celebrating Cindy's birthday last night with family (Katie and her family...who are our close friends), we are having a great start to our Tuesday.

Cindy's nurse came over this morning and she is presently infusing. All looks good.

Honestly, Cindy has never looked better! Her pain is reduced, the infection is departing and she looks more happy and lively than I have seen her in a long time.

As I write this, she is showing a DVD to my parents about the prosthetic leg that she will be getting in a few weeks. It shows how much mobility she will have and how it will provide her with the quality of life she has not known for quite some time now.

This morning, Cindy was watching the Food Network for the first time in several months. She now believes it won't be long before she will be able to get in the kitchen and cook again. Before, she lost interest because she knew she could not do so.

I need to apologize for not having pictures to attach to this morning's blog. My camera battery died last night. Today's mission will be to replace it and add some new pictures so you can see just how well Cindy is doing.

So far, everything is going great! She is on minimal medication.

Feel free to call her on her cell phone and say hello! I know she will appreciate it.

Thanks to everyone for your concern, your caring, your love for Cindy and all you have done to keep her spirits high. It means more to us than I can possibly communicate in this blog.


  1. So, next time I'm there Cindy and I have a date to tear up the kitchen! I am so happy to see what great progress is being made. Go Cindy! We love you! More cowbell, baby!

  2. I'm so excited, Cindy, for this new world that is opening up to you. What will be the first meal you cook? Hmmmmm......YUM. Remembering those cookouts we had with you and Rob pre-kids. Veggie shiskebobs on the grill....
    LOVE YOU!!!!

  3. Cindereeeena!!!! I just figured out how to leave a message!! Beth adn I have BOTH been thinking so much about you and Rob. We love you and admire your strength and spirit you seem to be maintaining through this whole chapter of your life. We want to see you! Winter Garden pizza is waiting for us whenever youa re up for it! But until then, we are sending hugs to you both!
    Catherine & Beth

  4. Great news....here is even more....we will come by sometime tomorrow (early evening) with a pup or two for you get get some puppy kisses. I will give you a call.


  5. This is all so amazing and touching!! I love reading it. I am amazed to hear that Cindy could be more positive and outgoing than she already is and can't wait to have her back around the office again lighting up the hallways! But for now I am so glad to hear how wonderful she is doing, and hope she knows we miss her! Jenna