Thursday, January 28, 2010


Cindy is doing really well I will use this opportunity to say thank you...
  • To Rus and Amy: for creating and administering the blog and caring so much.
  • To Christine and Dawn: Two very good friends who are physicians at Moffitt. They were there with us every step of the way...and continue to be.
  • To Katie Harris and Scarlett Privara: what can possibly be said? You all kept Cindy's spirits high and were with us throughout. Having you with me while Cindy was in surgery means more to me than you can possibly know.
  • To Kristen, for offering to stay with us when I am away on business and can't be home to take care of Cindy.
  • To my parents for staying with us this week and assisting wherever and whenever they can.
  • To Carole, Mabel & Trish: Thank you for the delicious dinners and breakfasts. You have made my job as a caregiver more managable. To those who are on the schedule to prepare meals...thank you so much in advance. Cindy still requires around the clock attention and to take that task off my plate is a godsend!
  • To Judi: For watching Bosco and for being a special friend to us both.
  • To Rick, Jim, Steve, Warren and families: for caring so much for your sister.
  • To all friends and family who have been keeping in touch so regularly:, especially Neen, Dani, Joan, Laura, Mimi, Wendi, Breta, and everyone else who are blog followers, commenters and readers. Please forgive me if I have failed to mention you by name.
If you wish to have me continue with daily updates and pictures, please leave comments under this blog. If enough people feel they want the blog to continue on a daily or even more frequent basis, I will certainly be glad to do so. Otherwise, I will blog whenever something occurs in her medical life such as progress, setbacks, doctors appointments, lab results, etc.

If you would like more one-on-one, up-to-date information, please contact me directly on my email address: or on my Facebook account if you have one.

Have a great day!!!


  1. I love the frequesnt updates, if they aren't too much for you!
    I like knowing how wonderfully Cindy is doing on a regular basis!

  2. Updates! Updates! Updates! If you can keep it up, please do. Rus and I are so thankful be able to "be there" in a virtual sense since we are so very far away. :)


    Rus, Amy, Holland, Madelyn and Braeden

  3. I look forward to reading the blog and watching Cindy glow in the pictures each day. Cindy and you "pop" into my thoughts several times a day and each time I pause to be thankful for all the great things that have happened, and all you both have to look forward to. So....keep them coming if you don't mind.:)